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Specializing in Pixies, Bobs & Precision Hair Cuts.

Sue can give anyone the perfect cut for their face shape and hair texture. She will teach you quick and easy ways to style your hair all while giving you the best TV show reccomendations! 


"My favorite thing about being a hair stylist is having the ability to make people feel more confident ever day.

When you sit in my  chair, you'll leave with more than just a hair cut. You'll leave with the understanding of why your hair behaves the way it does and with a strategy to overcome those challenges."

I became a hairstylist because I love the way it feels to give someone a confidence boost. I knew the opportunity to have fun and never have to work a day in my life was a luxury I couldn't resist.


When I'm not in the salon, I'm either working on a fun house project, watching tv with my cats, or reading a good book. I like to call myself a human contradiction because I like being crazy busy just as much as I like having nothing on my to do list.


As your stylist, I will  be completely honest about the time, effort and investment it will take to maintain your style. I will never know more about your hair and it's idiosyncrasies than you. So if you're ready to have the perfect cut for you, I'd love the opportunity to discuss taking your hair to the next level.

Image by Wang John
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