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How should I arrive for a Curly Cut service?

Come with your hair washed (preferably washed within 1-3 days prior to your scheduled appointment) & styled how you typically wear your curls.

How often should you see your Hairstylist?

Grey Coverage 4-6 weeks

Toner refresh 6-8 weeks

Highlights 6-12 weeks

Balayage 2-6 months

Haircut 4-12 weeks

How should I arrive for a color service?

Your hair should be clean & free of product build up. Do not use any spray or powder to cover your unwanted greys the day of your service. These types of products can create a barrier that color is not able to penetrate. Preventing the service from being successful.

Be aware washing your hair the day of your service could result in scalp sensitivity during your color service.

Have any questions or concerns, not answered here? Please email us at We will respond within 24 hrs. Monday-Saturday.

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