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Jessie is the biggest foodie (and she's proud of that)! She's the girl who can help anyone taste the rainbow and have fun with their hair. She will customize your color based off your specific needs and lifestyle.


"My favorite thing about being a hair stylist is the ability to give my clients hair that makes their soul shine.

When you sit in my chair, plan to leave with hair that you never thought you could have."

I became a hairstylist because of my ability to still be creative every day while growing powerful connections with all kinds of people.


When im not in the salon, I'm either thrift shopping, exploring small businesses, or simply cudding my dog, Kiwi, and reading or binging movies!


As a girl who never felt right with my natural hair color, I found that it was way to common to feel judged due to my changing hair color, to have to be selective of jobs because of it. I am ready to "push the boundaries of professional color". 

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