Precision, Short &

Barbers Cuts. Blowouts

Jamie is our adventurous soul who isnt afriad to get dirty with nature! Her creativity flourishes outside of just hair through all sorts of art media.


"The best part of being a stylist is the connections I make with my clients. The atmosphere and vibe  is so important  to me. The warm and welcoming people I meet every day makes it so worth it."

I became a hairstylist because it allows me to use my creativity day in and day out. I can connect with so many wonderful people and leave a positive impact. 


I am energized by positive energy to push and grow myself every day. Especially when I am outside enjoying natures wonders, home with loved ones, or cuddling my 6 rat babies!


As a naturally artistic person, I found precision cutting a favorite of mine because of the  freedom it gives me to create all sorts of texture and movement in each persons hair. Barbers and short cuts are a favorite of mine to perfect. Adding each persons unique style into each cut. I also love giving a killer blowout and style to finish it. I would love the opportunity to discuss taking your beautiful hair to the next level.

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