Balayage & Babylights

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***Please note: All prices are starting at the amount shown below. Prices may vary depending on hair length, thickness, technique and processing time. Service does not include haircuts.

After you book your appointment we will be in touch for inspiration photos, as well as current photos of your hair with your hair color history.


Full Balayage $150+

This service builds soft contrast into the hair and creates a gradual gentle effect from root to tip. Balayage can be used to achieve a natural, sun-kissed colour on a variety of hair lengths, textures and styles. Allowing for a natural and unnoticeable re-growth. 

Partial Balayage $120+

Half your hair will be painted and the rest will be left out. This option is great if your'e looking for more depth and contrast

Face Framing Balayage $90+

Hairline and Parting hair will be painted and the rest will be left out. This option is great if you're looking to touchup your existing balayage, create more brightness, or are looking for maximum dimension.


Full Babylights 185+

Utilizing super fine weaving techniques and foils this is the ultimate lightening experience that creates overall lightness to your hair while still incorporating your natural hair to create the perfect blend throughout your whole head. 

Partial Babylights $140+

Utilizing only half your hair creates a soft, dimensional over all lightness.

Face Framing Babylights $105+

This service is perfect for emphasis, touchups and maintenance around your hairline and part.